Friday, 24 March 2017

Filming: Day 12

Today we went back to the dance changing rooms. We hung football tshirts on the pegs all around the room to create mise en scene. We placed the football shirt with the number 10 directly under the light as it was jacks number when he was younger and his number now that he's signed. We did a pan around the room showing all the shirts until finally stopping at number 10 where we did a over the shoulder shot with jack looking at the shirt.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Filming: Day 11

unfortunately our plans for filming throughout the weekend fell through starting on Saturday when the tripod we rented out was faulty so we tried to film jacks football match with a handheld camera. The footage came out very fuzzy and shakey so we couldn't use it. On Sunday Kallum's mum was going to film Kallum's younger brothers football match as he plays the younger jack in our film. Unfortunately due to lack of consent from the other kids and their parents playing in the match, we did not have permission to film. We have come up with a new filming schedule in which we hope to get all the footage we will need by next Friday. 

Friday, 17 March 2017


Yesterday I edited the new footage we got of Jack walking into the changing room. I managed to cut out bits of the film that was shaky or blurry as well as adding fade ins and outs. Today we will attempt to use a new software called 'Motion' which is an editing programme that will enable us to add exciting effects and movement to our titles and credits when they appear on the screen.

Filming: Day 10

Today we will film on our schools huge football field. Conveniently Jack had to teach a year 8 PE class so we will film the kids playing a football match as if it was young Jack playing football in his unprofessional football club before the fame with all his peers.

Welling School football pitch

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Filming: Day 9

Today we went back to the dance changing rooms and filmed Jack taking all his new shiny football equipment out of his expensive training bag. We laid it out in a line and filmed across the clothes so titles can appear on them.

The camera was sometimes out of focus and blurry therefore we may need to redo some of the scenes.

First Screening

In preparation for our first screening, we had to edit our title sequence as well as adding post production features such as the titles and credits. We had to pick and choose which footage we'd include and in what order to ensure we could make the narrative was as clear as possible to our audience.

Filming: Day 8

Kaan, Kallum and Jack returned back to Goals in Bexleyheath to film Jack taking some shots into the goal. It replicated the footage we got of Kallum's little brother who plays young Jack, taking shots into the goal. This makes for a nice effect as it shows his growth and progression

We will need to return back to goals one last time to shoot both the boys playing in a match scenario with other boys.